Friday, August 5, 2011


This post should be called....the shirt off my back!

We met at Judy's house for the second session of our book making class led by member Carol Sloan. Judy greeted us wearing one of her beautiful hand dyed/stamped silk blouses.....which literally became the shirt off her back. She described (with some laughter but also some obvious concern).....that she was wearing a similar one the other day....which due to its lightness and flow.....caught on fire while she was cooking at her gas range! Thankfully she was unharmed! Judy explained that she threw that one away and this one was going to be history after this wearing.

We practically disrobed her to get at this beautiful fabric....

Nancy ended up with it....and we all know she will turn it into something beautiful.

As usual our show and tell was so inspiring.....sadly, my camera battery died about half way through....darn it! But I hope you'll enjoy seeing a few pieces....

Judy made this small quilt using her hand-dyed fabrics for the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative auction..... Hey....look at the beading......nice job Judy.

She has such a knack for incorporating just the perfect interesting details in her work.....

Nancy brought several felted pieces......she felts and dyes wool and forms it into everything from bracelet (cuffs) to scissors sheaths.

....not to mention how beautifully she embellishes each piece, most often with her own hand dyed perle cotton.

Nancy has gotten into book making in a big way. This store bought book had a humble beginning. Nancy removed the cover and embossed it using her Sizzix machine. That was only the beginning of its transformation.....she painted and distressed it as well. The embellished 'window' you see was made from a cardboard slide frame!

Here's another one....this slide frame was rusted and it surrounds a stamp..... Nancy's ideas continue to boggle my mind!!

Remember, these photos are clickable to enlarge them.

More photos tomorrow featuring our book making.....

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