Friday, August 26, 2011


Seriously, this area is teaming with talent.....and I count myself lucky to be pals with so many artists and all around good people.

I met with a couple friends for a looooong gab fest over coffee and lunch. Naturally, the chance to see what each of us are currently working on is so inspiring. Knitting isn't on my radar....but seeing their beautiful work might make me pick up some needles.

Cindy showed this shawl sampler.....are you kidding me? She shrugged it off as something she just whipped up.....thanks to a white napkin under it, you can see the interesting stitches she used.
Here's another piece in progress. The yarn alone was totally yummy.

Cindy Blackberg brought a stunner.....she's a master of hand piecing, hand embroidery, and hand quilting....... I simply love the way she incorporates embroidery into traditional patterns.
Click on her name above to visit Cindy's website.

Cindy often uses variegated and hand dyed threads to add texture and interest to her work. She offers many of them at her website.

Vita Marie Lovett's work is equally stunning...... They almost appear to be photographs, rather then fiber wall art because they are so realistic. Her subjects are often barns, windows, and even chickens (she's passionate about her chickens and kitty cats).

This is all traditional thread......stitched and oversitched so much it appears that heavy thread was used. Don't you wonder what her thread collection looks like?

Vita stitches on canvas....and often paints the fabric before she starts her stitching. Here's what the background looked like before her skill with the sewing machine began.

This is a smaller piece she recently completed. Honestly, it's amazing in this photo....but in person.....the detail, depth, texture is simply unbelievable.

I'm always drawn to work of artists such as Norma Rockwell.....but don't have the skills to stray too far from my folk art style.......this is the kind of art I'd like to make when I grow up!!

You can see more of Vita's work sure to have a handkerchief WILL be drooling.

A fun day was had by all......and we plan another gathering in Oct.

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Gabriela said...

Fantastic work!Thanks for sharing!