Monday, February 14, 2011


Heart images are the theme of the day......and like many quilters, it's one I've used numerous times.

I'm going to try something auction! After the reserve price has been met, the highest bidder will own the quilt. A $10.00 shipping and insurance fee to anywhere in the continental US will be added to the final winning bid price.

Additional photos will gladly be provided......just contact me....

BIDDING BEGINS NOW and ends @ 8:00 PM EST - February 24th. You may bid using the comment section if you wish to keep this auction lively, or privately by using the link in the Contact Mary section, just below my photo. Remember, after the reserve price has been met......the highest bidder wins the quilt! Also, to keep it competitive, once the reserve price has been met, I'll notify everyone by updating this post.


Heart to Heart 32" x 46"
Skillfully hand appliqued, hand quilted, & hand embroidered on hand-dyed cotton fabrics, featuring a beaded binding.



Best Friends 21" x 17"
Machine applique & quilted, beaded motifs enhance the heart designs on hand-dyed and commerical cotton fabrics. This piece is the original quilt featured in Mary's book "The Stori of Beaded Embellishment", published by Martingale.


LET THE FUN BEGIN......You have 10 days....beginning now......


Wendy said...

Mary, i'm here a day after you posted, but i want to "warn" you: You prolly don't have any comments because people have "wised up" a bit because of e-bay, and they most likely won't bid 'til the very last moment of the very last day...
Just guessin'.
Good luck!

The Inside Stori said...

Tx's I said....I'm trying something new.....avoiding ebay will allow me to sell the pieces at a lower price. Happily, I've gotten some private emails so bidding has started.....

So far, the reserve prices have not been met.....