Monday, February 28, 2011


I'm calling this finished......well....the top is complete but all of us know that only constitutes half the job when making a quilt. Because the sashing got wider than originally planned, I'm going to skip the borders and just bind it in the white/black polka dot.

Naturally, I wasted too much time digging through my stash searching for a large enough piece of appropriate backing fabric. Ya, ya...I know I could have pieced one in the time I spent uncovering, unfolding, then refolding and replacing hunks of me single minded!!

But, happily there was one piece large enough that is actually quite perfect for the backing. My batting is unfolded and at rest so the wrinkles disappear before I begin to baste. I enjoy hand quilting but this one will be done on the machine......

Now that I'm gazing at the top, I believe the sashing is a bit too wide......the idea was to add more interest (compensate) for the plain blocks....and perhaps that worked a little too well as it now overpowers the patchwork. I'm okay with's a lap quilt for goodness sakes.... And it reinforces my ever growing appreciation of those of you who create art with their patchwork.

I'm drawn to traditional patchwork quilts....the old indigo blues, blacks, reds, pinks.....which I have on display in our home. Newer homes offer bigger windows/brighter rooms and despite having UV ray protection on our quilts have suffered. It may be time to make some replacements so this was good practice!!

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Vicky F said...

Hi Mary,
I think your sashing looks just great. Any thinner and it wouldn't stand up against that red.
Very fun quilt top!
Vicky F