Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This doesn't seem like much to show for a days' work......but if your household is like's rare when I can devote the entire day to work in my studio!

The stone is now permanently attached with this bead cage. My overall goal was for simplicity. At this point, I'm still not sure if I'll add any other elements or go ahead and start the edge finishing process....which will in itself add more design.....

That's why we love creating isn't it? It's like a, run, run.......and then the pay off is the finish line. I am NOT a sprinter......I prefer the marathon approach......what's the rush? The satisfaction for me is to finish with a piece I'm proud of......

Photographing bead work, esp. against matte fiber such as woolfelt usually doesn't provide accurate color renditions.....but perhaps you'll get the idea anyway.

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