Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Oh boy.....am I out of my element...... Like many of you, I started quilting by making patchwork quilts.....then got really brave and added some applique. I've forgotten more than I ever knew about this construction approach!!!

Because we attend so many car races......and anything with a motor is the theme of 'the husband's' man cave.....I've decided to make a lap quilt.

The other morning we were awakened by the VERY loud noise of my wire shelving collapsing in my closet (hummmm...does that mean I overloaded it??)

With that in mind....I've always been concerned about the weight on the shelves in my fabric closet....so for this project, I'm determined to use the fabric I already own and have been storing for years.

I'm going to sash the blocks with narrow strips of black....but after beginning to layout the design....it's clear to me that I won't have the patience to machine applique EACH of the planned 30 blocks. Onto Plan B......not sure what that is....but not every block will feature a motif....that's for sure!

Don't forget to put in your auction bid on two of my published quilts as seen here. One of the pieces has a high bid VERY close to its reserve, the other has a little way to go. They are priced VERY reasonably....at wholesale prices.....so jump in. I'm hoping this will be a good way for many pieces in my collection to find new homes. Bidding ends at 8:00 PM EST on March 24th.


Exuberant Color said...

you can surely just make some of the blocks checkerboard, pieced or printed.

Mary Stori said...

I could if I had your amazing piecing skills! (grinning...)
Tx's for the suggestions......you are the expert....