Sunday, February 13, 2011


OH....I think I'm re-domesticating myself! Now that I have a sour dough starter, which requires attention, I've been baking more than I have in years.

One of my favorite sour dough recipes came from Sunset Magazine....YEARRRRS ago. = English Muffins. Here my dough has risen to more than double and is ready for the next step.

It's rolled out and cut into rounds and placed to rise again on cornmeal covered baking sheets.

60+ minutes later....these too have doubled in size and are ready to bake.

English Muffins do not bake in the oven....rather, they are cooked on a hot griddle. And there's where I had my problem. I used my brand new Panini grill and griddle. Despite turning the heat up all the simply wasn't as hot enough. I used to cook English Muffins using a gas stove on a cast iron griddle.

Does anyone else notice that appliances do not get hot enough anymore? I can name: my coffee maker, our electric frying pan (used to cook fish outside when I don't want the smell in the house!), and this darn $$ new grill (there's no way it could cook hamburgers as stated in the owner's'd take all day!!)

Due to the low heat....they look paler then I'd like.

The nooks and crannys aren't as large as they should be either. That too comes from heat that is too low. If they bake too slowly.....the dough has a tendency to collapse....making the product denser than it should be. However.....the muffins were still flavorful and yummy.


Susan said...

Irons don't heat up as well also. I'm very frustrated finding an iron that doesn't shut off every few minutes and heats up enough to actually press!

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

And irons don't get as hot as they used to.
When I was having trouble with irons someone suggested I use a different outlet - it helped a little.

Teri said...

Hi Mary,
I tried to make hot cakes on my griddle like the one you have. I had the same problem. As far as not hot enough appliances, the one that bugs me the most these days are irons that don't get hot enough.
I think someone is trying to save us from ourselves.
On the other hand, I still have all of my grandmother and great grandmother's cast iron skillets, so life is good..

Mary Stori said...

It seems everyone agrees.....irons don't heat up well either. And, I have a new one to toast my English Muffin this morning, the toaster was set to the highest level and still I had to cycle it twice to barely get it browned....and this toaster is 6 months old!!

Seems what does get hot is our post menapause bodies!!

Angie said...

That is wonderful! I hate that I can't find sour dough muffins in the store anymore as I like to make croutons with them...may have to make my own now.

And no appliances do not get hot enough, esp. irons! The goverment tries so hard to keep us from 'hurting ourselves' that everything is regluated to an overdose so noone gets sued. It's dumb!