Sunday, February 20, 2011


Soon after we moved to Western North Carolina, we learned about an annual Bluegrass Festival, held every February in Asheville. Unlike most, it's held inside. Tickets are limited to 800 people to hear the best groups in Bluegrass today for about 12 hours each day.

For those folks staying at the host hotel.....they can and do hear it 24 hours a day as there are non-stop jam sessions in the hotel rooms, lobbies, and because our weather was so mild this weekend....even on balconies and patios. This is the place to be each year if you are a Bluegrass fan!

As we walked to the entrance.....our FAVORITE group, Dailey & Vincent's bus was just pulling up. Yes, they really are bigger than life!

I know I've mentioned this same thing here before....but seriously, I can't get over how excellent they are. Each show is different and better than the last, it seems humanly impossible.

Each group plays for about an hour....though the as the night draws to an end.....the groups tend to play longer and longer.....and of course no one complains about that!

Here are the Grascal's....... Normally, each group plays twice each the afternoon and evening. Only the headliner (this year - Dailey & Vincent) plays both days.

Rhonda Vincent & The Rage (sister to Darrin Vincent of Dailey & Vincent) has played at each of the 5 years we've attended. She's HIGH energy.....and it touched my heart to see the generosity she a 7 year old boy the opportunity to play with the group.

This wasn't JUST any 7 year old....this kid has talent. I'm frustrated with myself for not remembering his name......but I know I'll be hearing it again because he got 3 standing ovations!

Between sets, it's entertaining to watch the sound crew set up for the next group.... Here, Michael Cleveland's band is getting ready to play. His list of awards is long......2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, IBMA Instrumental Group of the Year, to name a few! He's on the right with the fiddle......

This is the group that got me hooked on Bluegrass....they've been around since 1971, originally made up of professionals (such as a doctor, graphic artist etc.) from the DC area who played together on weekends...therefore were Seldom Scene.

Another high energy group featuring fantastic vocals.

I have no idea how the band members of any of these groups can keep their energy level as high as required to maintain their grueling show schedules.....take a peek at any one of them on the links provided. So when you think your work load is too much.....just imagine what their days are like!! I'm soooo happy they continue to get on their buses....seeing live shows is an incredible experience and treat!

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debgins said...

Had no idea that The Seldom Scene was still together and did shows! Saw them many many years ago - love that high tenor! I agree that Dailey and Vincent is the premier bluegrass band at this time! Do you ever watch or listen to The Woodsongs Radio Hour? It's on PBS, but you can also download it on I-Tunes. Many of those groups have been on it and it's a great way to hear music (lots of bluegrass and singer-songwriters)that can't be heard anywhere else!