Saturday, February 5, 2011


Even though I'm completely distracted with the upcoming Super Bowl, there has been time to stitch!

After completing embroidering the swirls on the background, it was time to add my backing and finish the edges..... This is where I got stalled....seriously, it was pathetic the amount of time I stood in front of the design wall trying out many, many ideas.

This piece is hand dyed 100% wool, which really felted during the dyeing process, making it very thick so my favorite edging finishes were not compatible. Here I'm auditioning wool thread colors for a simple blanket stitch finish.

The above approach didn't seem to frame the piece well enough..... Though I've never used traditional binding for these pieces, I thought maybe some colorful batik might work. Actually, it looks better coordinated in this photo than it did in person......the materials just didn't jive.

Then I pulled out some of the thick trim I used for the tree trunks and convinced myself I could attach that to the edge by couching it in place. What a MESS.....sorry I didn't even take a picture.....too embarrassing! So in the end, I went back to Aurfil wool thread, using two strands to blanket stitch the was my first instinct.....and a lot of time was wasted dinking around before I got back to it!

TALL HOUSES 17 1/2" x 9"
$150 (with insured shipping)
payment via check or paypal - email me using link at top right

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Wendy said...

How cute Mary. =-)
"Dinking around", i love it!
Is that a Wisconsin saying?