Thursday, February 17, 2011


PTA (Piecer's Talker's and Appliquer's) is the first small group to warmly welcome me after I moved to the Asheville area. We are 13 strong.....sadly one member now lives in Memphis so she's missing from this nearly monumental photo of the almost entire group taken today.

Row 1, seated L to R: Janice, Judy, Dort, Lynne, Mary S. Gen,
Row 2 standing: Mary B., Linda, Connie, Cathy, Barbara, Georgia, Kate

We gathered to make several 'community quilts' which will be donated by the Asheville Quilt Guild to a worthy organization. We try to be less self-serving at least once a year.....grinning!!

Guild members donated fabrics and made the blocks......our group put them together. This is such an effective, yet easy block, which features a 'conversation' style center square, surrounded by a print that appears somewhat solid. A wonderful choice for a child's quilt.

Janice, our hostess for the day, organized this unruly group by prearranging the blocks for each quilt, along with a selection of fabrics for the borders and backing. We do tend to get off track when we are all her preparation was a brilliant move!

We divided into groups, each tackling one of the three quilts. This is the one I worked on.....rebels that we were......we chose TWO different fabrics for our borders. Of course, that normally wouldn't be something to brag about.....but believe me.....with all the talking and interruptions we experience......that's a feat!

Because these quilts will be utilitarian, we finished the edges using the envelope method.....which after turning we put the slackers of our group to work with needle and embroidery floss to tie the layers together...... just KIDDING girls!!

Oh my.....I guess we weren't as clever as we thought with our border.....another group had the nerve to use a directional fabric and corner stones...... A fun and productive day was had by all.....

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Mary Johnson said...

Very cute! We did these for a HeartStrings project last year and had a great response. What could be more fun for a child?