Sunday, February 27, 2011


After much standing in front of the design wall....hemming and occurred to me that this is a lap quilt.....a race focused lap quilt......get a grip Mary......make up your mind and start sewing.

So I did. This is the setting I selected. In part, during way more time auditioning fabrics then reasonable....I realized I was avoiding some setting ideas (and frankly, the notion of adding more applique motifs) simply because I am impatient when working at the machine.

Yes, the person who can bead or hand quilt for hours and hours can not make herself sit at her sewing machine and piece for any extended length of time. Part of this is comfort....after many lower back operations I still have issues executing some body positions if they are prolonged. vision sure isn't as good as it once was, even with cheater glasses once the machine needle starts moving. Frankly, patchwork is often a struggle for me so I need to keep it simple. This isn't an art's a token from the heart.....

Hope to do some stitching today......however we are being treated with spring like's expected to be sunny and 70 degrees!!

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Windy Hills Happenings said...

I love your final choice...what a great gift