Friday, February 25, 2011


It's interesting that when one works in a specific medium for a long my case woolfelt and beads.....ya kinda lose touch with other construction least I have!

I'm finding it really challenging (a good thing) to work with this simple applique patchwork design. Okay....I admit...I'm trying to rush this along and not really embracing the process as I would with my other designs.

And....that's where girlfriends come in...... Yesterday the Fiber Junkies met at my house for a beading lesson which provide me with fresh eyes. Perhaps I was bemoaning about this piece? Well...yes I was. The design was too skimpy, yet I didn't want to fill every block in with applique and didn't have enough fabric to patchwork the plain blocks. And the goal is to use the fabric I already have on my shelves which are visually buckling from the weight....I do not want a repeat of my recent mess with wire closet shelves collapsing.

My plan had been to sash the blocks (2" finished onto 9" finished blocks) using a variety of black prints with a 4" black outer border. Boring.... Val and Judy suggested using the check (flag) fabric..... gulp....great idea....but (a.) I don't have enough (b.) after using it previously...I knew it wasn't printed on grain...which would make it difficult to use as a sashing.

Then they floated the idea of a polka dot.... YES, YES......unfortunately...the only one I have is symmetrical.....rather than random all over dots which would translate better for a sashing.
Maybe I'll try black corner stones to tone it down??? Or....

Maybe I'll go back to using black and use the check for corner is wonderful with so many options.....

I hope your day has time for sewing with lots of options to challenge and inspire the artist in you!


Wanda said...

Not sure how this will sound but what about a diagonal strip pieced with the black and the polkadot? It would look a little like the flags.


Mary Stori said...

Hey Wanda....that's a good option....I'll play with that idea tomorrow......I appreciate it!!