Saturday, February 26, 2011


I continue my quest to make great artisan bread......such as those made by Tartine in San Francisco.

My DIL sent me this link about Tartine's owner......though no specific secrets are disclosed, I found it interesting.

Jane Moxey, the producer of my DVD "Mary Stori Teaches Beading on Fabric" and now friend.....has also been playing with this kind of bread. By adding yeast to her dough, therefore not depending solely on the sour dough starter to leaven the bread....she's had more success.

I too used yeast in my sour dough recipes years ago when I was totally committed to cooking and running my small cooking school in the Chicago area. I may experiment with that addition again......I suspect our mountain elevation, dryer climate, and perhaps chiller indoor environment all are affecting my results.

Yes....yes....I am aware and have made the well known 'no-knead' is very good.....however, I'm looking for more flavor.....which can be developed using sour dough starter..... So back to the drawing board.....oops....I mean back to the kitchen!!


Angie said...

I am planning to make the first loaf of Sourdough bread from a new batch of starter today. Hope it works! ;)

Mary Stori said...

Angie...let us know how it works out for you.....

Jane Moxey said...

I think quilters and bread bakers have a nautral affinity!!