Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I've introduced Carol Sloan in previous blogs...remember her name, she's a real up and comer. Each time the Fiber Junkies meet, Carol dazzles us with her creativity.

She flattered me by sharing that she used my DVD to delve into the world of beading. Great job Carol!

Her drawing doodles are so charming......and even more so when translated like this. Carol machine stitched her drawing onto canvas....then used fabric paints to color it. The detail is incredible!

Reverse side

And...how clever is this! Instead of guessing what the color really looks like on fabric, Carol made her own sampler for quick, fool proof ready reference.

This is a small piece....guessing the main section was about 12-15" wide x 18". It was made with treasures Carol's gathered after cleaning out a family member's home as a way of honoring her loved ones. We've all seen memorabilia quilts but what's so charming about this one is the delicate size......the smallest mementos can tell a story too.

For instance, Carol made this tiny pouch to store an Alzheimer's pin that has special meaning for her family member....also in the pouch is a hand written note describing her relative's definition of what it meant to be a nurse. This piece is really a story....told with embellishments!

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Carol Sloan said...

I love how you make me sound so awesome! I enjoyed Monday so much. You guys rock!