Sunday, January 31, 2010


Sally commented on yesterday's blog......that she wasn't a bit interested in racing, but wouldn't mind being in Daytona Beach to avoid NC's weather. Well Sally, I'm actually in agreement....the car aspect is the reason for this whole circus but not my reason for coming....actually, I have no choice, I'm dragged along each year! 'The husband' knows and understands the racing thing/cars/standings/driver's reputation etc. I, on the other hand, try to find other ways to amuse myself.

For instance, a well attended chili contest was held on Saturday......we walked through the area as preparations were underway. Got a kick out of how elaborate some of the contestants made their booths, while others had only simple tarps.

Clearly, with the trophies on display, their fancy booth isn't the only good 'taste' these entrants have.

Then there's the high end, huge, and expensive motor homes that dot the various parking spaces throughout this huge facility. The outside, built-in, mammoth TV would be the envy of most home theaters.

Now here's where those with more modest means reside.....due to the rain, as we strolled some of the 'tent cities', I cringed.....many of the tents were sitting in deep puddles of water....yuck.

Of course, when one has enough 'adult beverages' running through their blood, perhaps they don't notice the rain. I give them points for creativity.

This was good for an out loud laugh.....these party goers had many 'props'.....who thinks of bringing a crash cart, decorated with Xmas lights? They told us they strap down anyone who gets out of control until they sleep it off. I wonder if that was a goal or precaution.....

What?? Upholstered couches, recliners, festive plastic palm tree, a game table, and don't ask me how they got this in....but a full size refrigerator...totally stocked we were told.

Oh my........

Well, the sun is up.......we must scurry over to the track.....8 hours of racing to go. The leads have changed overnight numerous time. It's now being reported that Patrick Dempsey is driving his #40 car and is in 7th place in their category. This is the longest their team has ever made it in the 24 hr race. The last two years he's been out by 11:00 PM.

Well.....that's my report for today.....we will be heading partway home after the race ends today.....waiting to hear from my Asheville pals about the weather/road conditions before we attempt to drive our Porsche on the mountain roads on Monday. Thankfully, our house sitter says there's been no loss of electricity so that's a big positive.

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