Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Preparation underway......this doesn't look much like the beginning of a quilt project, but this is what my table looked like after 75% of the fabric I pulled had finally been reviewed and returned to its 'closet-in-waiting'. The color scheme and pattern selection have now been made.

Today I'm heading to the 2nd Annual PTA (Piecer's, Talker's, and Appliquer's) Retreat....when I return on Thursday afternoon I expect to have a quilt top finished. Now you all know I'm not that much of a piecer......love the look, and I did start out as a piecer focusing on reproducing the look of antique quilts. However, an off ramp along the quilting highway led me to other areas of design instead. So now I'm looking forward to some dedicated hours with me and my machine....and of course the fun and laugther of 12 other girlfriends.

Hope you are enjoying working on your current project too.

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