Monday, January 25, 2010


The Fiber Junkies had their 2010 organizational meeting today. We are awed by the work of our members and eager to explore the techniques they've developed. So, we decided to use this year to share our skills with each other and have formally made a list of our goals!

The subject of our first 'lesson' will be beading....hummm.....I wonder who will lead that one? Also on the list is screen printing, resist screen printing, stamp carving, machine quilted feathers, doodling, cutting edge felting techniques, fabric paints etc.

My long time friend Judy Simmons is in the midst of making her daughter's wedding gown. She's a very organized and skilled artist whose work you can see at her blog Windy Hill Happenings. She ordered a variety of sizes and colors of pearls and will bead some lace samples before choosing the exact pearls to embellish the gown.

Val taught art for many years and is a skillful silk screen artist. This is only a partial view of a long panel that is layered with paint and various screens. The larger design elements have been screened twice using two colors of paint which adds an incredible amount of depth.

Patsy surprised us with these pin cushions made from hand dyed bamboo/rayon felt and hand dyed synthetics which have been machine quilted and textured by burning with a heat gun. I'm sorry my photo doesn't do them justice.

Patsy Thompson unveiled another one of her colorful and exquisitely quilted pieces. She's been concentrating on Amish designs to show off her elaborate feather quilting.

Patsy's machine quilting DVD's are extremely well done....if you are ready to learn from one of the best, check them out here.