Saturday, January 30, 2010


Despite getting to the race track a tad later than we planned, we were able to park in the 2nd row of the Porsche Paddock with a great view of the track. Later the car in the first row, directly in front of us left......I practically laid on the spot to save it as we got our car moved up for an even better view. Ya....this is more than you needed to know.....

Porsche Club Members were invited into one of the garages to watch their race the drivers were practicing entering and exiting the cars. Even though it's a 24 hr. race, every second counts. Each team has from 3 to 4 drivers and it's important to make the driver's switch quickly.

Standing by, is Ramon Dumas....notice how tiny these drivers are? As I write this, it's now 5 hours into the race and the team he's driving for is in 1st place in the GT category. In fact, the first 3 places are held by Porsches. Thankfully, 'the husband' no longer even believes he can talk me into staying there all night.....10 hrs. is enough.....and 3+ today was in the pouring rain.

Because I know many of you may be interested in any Patrick Dempsey sightings, I'm providing the best I found today......his car.

And the back view of his car......we talked to another Porsche Club member who is friends with one of the 4 drivers.......sadly, Dr. McDreamy is known as the least competent driver on the team. But hey, with a pretty face like his.....who cares......he has other skills! And frankly, his worst driving is 10 times better than any of us could do....flying down the track at over 150 mph!

Patchwork paint it!

This is a partial view of the special parking and hospitality area Porsche Club of America members can park their cars. At noon, when it was officially filled and the entrance closed....there were over 300 Porsches. The Ferris wheel is such a festive sight all lite up against the night sky.....frankly, by then I was so cold I didn't want to get my camera back out to show you....sorry! We lasted till about 7:00 PM and are now in our comfy hotel watching the race on the Speed Channel, though we can still hear the cars since we are just across the street from the track.

This goes under the category of, what were you thinking? Some fool (we think it was a corner worker..... a volunteer that mans locations around the track with fire extinguishers, caution flags, etc.) drove his car between the chain link fence and the track's guard rail in an effort to park closer to his assignment. Well....hummm, the car was wider than the space at one of the light posts...they had quite a time getting it out before the race could begin.

More hilarious observations tomorrow.....

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