Friday, January 15, 2010


Unfortunately, I'm having trouble getting photos uploaded to Blogger......yet again probably due to our slow satellite service here in the mountains. Never fear, what I have completed, you'll love seeing.

The following 4 photos are the creations of Linda Cantrell.....a super talented and well known instructor who just happens to be a PTA member. She's famous for her often humorous and always detailed applique quilts. She's so generous to allow me to share her newest project with you.

It will be called Sam And Ella's Cafe. Each of the 24 blocks will a depict a specific hour of the day. Linda hasn't assigned each a time yet....but the first one could be after the morning or lunch time rush, when the waitress is trying to take a well deserved break.

Ladies (transvestites) are ending their evening at the cafe.....

Adorable.....Grandpa and Grandma are having a bite to eat. Notice the Boston Terrier in her purse. Linda is an absolute Boston Terrier lover and is a tireless volunteer for their rescue program.

This looks like a lunch break....where the kids are out of control.

Mary B. has been reorganizing and recyling some of her treasures. She allowed us to take as many of these vintage hankies as we wanted....tx's Mary!

More wonderful work will be shared as soon as I can get them uploaded......stay tuned.

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