Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Our retreat ended with our cravings for 'creative' and 'bonding' time filled for the moment. Here's a final look at what our members created.

You may have noted, my project hasn't been shared yet....it's coming....but first I'm trying to overcome an eminent red hand-dyed fabric bleeding problem.....stay tuned. Oh...are my blocks pieced? YUP....that's why it's a problem!

Previously I shared Georgia Bonesteel's partly pieced quilt....here it is in it's finished glory. We were all reminded of how single large patches can be transformed with the use of clever setting options and color placement.

Leigh Anne had us all seeing stars with this beauty.

Kate and Lynne undertook a very ambitious project that consists of only two blocks made with reproduction shirting type fabrics which they have pooled from their stashes. The staggering number of pieces/units required is in the thousands. String piecing doesn't provide immediate gratification in regard to completed blocks, but these gals had their foot to the pedal the entire time. Can't wait to see the finished quilts.

Janice and Leigh Anne were working on the same design which again reminded us of how very different quilts become given our own fabric choices. The blocks are made using equilateral triangles....fussy cut. The patches within a block can be arranged to provide completely different designs. Fascinating.....this one belongs to Janice.

Here's Leigh Anne's.

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