Friday, January 22, 2010


Here's a way to support our quilting community while challenging our creativity and sharpening our skills.

AAQ (Alliance for American Quilts), a non-profit organization has announced their annual fund raiser challenge contest, 'New from Old'. This year they have increased both the prizes and exposure for quiltmakers who enter. Because the contest is a fund raiser, all quilts become a donation and will be auctioned on ebay Nov. 8 - Dec. 6, 2010 to benefit AAQ and its mission to document, preserve and share the history of quilts and quiltmakers.

The rules are simple....quilts must be 16" x 16" (you have time to make one this small don't you?) The piece needs a 4" sleeve, a label and consist of three layers. Deadline to receive the quilts at AAQ is May 31, GET GOING NOW! Follow this link to obtain detailed information and download an entry form.

Really....keep in mind that this organization benefits us.....Quilters..... Among a multitude of worthy endeavors, AAQ just celebrated the 10th anniversary of Q.S.O.S. (Quilter's SOS - Save Our Stories, archived in the United States Library of Congress). Where you can even find my interview!

I unveiled this piece "Penny Rug Revisited" a short time ago on this blog, but hoped by sharing it again it will jog you into action too. It will be my donation to this very worthy cause. Quiltmaking, and the quilting industry as a whole has transformed my life, providing opportunities I'd never dreamed of.

It feels good to find a way to give back and keep our quilting community strong. (So that IF I ever have grand kids....they too may learn the love of quilting....that's a hint to our Perfect Child and his Perfect Bride!!!) Sorry......I know I'm not supposed to pester on this subject!!


Amy Milne said...

Mary, I love Penny Rug Revisited! Thanks so much for helping us spread the word about the AAQ's "New from Old" contest.

Warm wishes,

Allison Ann Aller said...

It is wonderful!!!