Sunday, May 31, 2009


The challenge quilts I shared in yesterday's post from the Shady Ladies Quilt Show were so are some of the many other quilts that we all drooled over......

BEACH BLISS by Chris Kroot  42" x 45"  
FYI - this piece is for sale @ $900.00  if anyone is interested, I'm sure I could run down a contact for her....just email me.  (It looks like my camera picked up a small reflection of a label from another quilt...which shows up at the top in this my knowledge that image wasn't on the piece.....)

This delicate machine stitching was so perfect for the quilt.

BUTTERFLY GARDEN by Gail Baker Rowe    Pattern:  Black Cat Creations
This was a very eye pleasing quilt, executed to perfection.  Interestingly, she traced the pattern pieces and then colored the motifs with crayons....outlining each with hand embroidery.

Detail - Butterfly Garden

Detail - Butterfly Garden

THE GRAND CANYON by Deborah Morgan  32" x 26"  For sale @ $125.00
Machine piece and quilted

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Allie said...

Gorgeous - I love that top one so much! I love the crayoned one too, that's one of my favorite things to do, especially with vintage redwork patterns!