Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I'm at the Asheville airport......just getting ready to board my flight to Charlotte....then onto Milwaukee to visit the West Suburban Quilters' Guild.

Tonight I'll be presenting my lecture "Let It Shine".......its focus is the why's and how's of adding beadwork to fiber.  There's a lot of practical as well as inspirational information shared.

Notice how the simple 4-patch heart appliques have been highlighted with swirls and squiggles of beads to add texture and additional interest.  The small beading technique featured along the binding has become a standard in my work these days....I love adding beaded edges to frame the work.

Beaded edging can be applied to a variety of small pouches  have 3 different treatments.  

On Thursday I'll be teaching "Beading Basics & Beyond"......the morning we'll be learning basic beading stitches.....and the afternoon we'll be creating a sampler of many bead edging methods....

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Carol Sloan said...

love your pouches! Have a safe (and fun) trip.