Friday, May 1, 2009


I've been on the road lately and haven't had much time to work on the Xotic-felt project.....but here's two updated photos.

I've added leaves which were hand embroidered in place, providing a 3-D affect.  I'm really liking this 50/50 bamboo/rayon felt by National Nonwovens.  It stitches like a dream, both by hand and machine.  However, I'm experiencing a bit more stretch than with the's a lighter weight so that's not a suprise.  In this view, the piece hasn't been trimmed......if you look carefully, my white thread-basted cutting lines are visible.

I anticipate this view represents the final's been trimmed in Photoshop only for now.  My task is to decide how to finish the outside edges.  On a typical cotton quilt, I'd just bind it.  That process would secure the machine stitching on the bamboo stems which will be compromised when I square the quilt.  Despite being quite thin, the Xotic fabric may still be too thick to use as a binding....instead I may mat and frame the piece instead.  For now, it will remain on my wall until I can decide.  

I'm onto project #2, with pre-production thoughts about machine stitching motifs that are placed on the outside edges!!!


Jane Moxey said...

Love the way you cropped your bamboo piece! Wonder if machine satin stitching around the outside edge would make a nice finish? Cheers! J

The Inside Stori said...

Thanks for the suggestion Jane.......I've experimented with machine stitching around the edges of my woolfelt pieces.....any sort of decorative/satin stitching causes too much rippling....even when stabilized with a tearaway. I appreciate the idea though......The final result of framing these pieces is very nice, BUT.....then I can't take them with me when I teach....and finding square frames is difficult. Actually, problem solving can be frustrating.....but the rewards are what keeps me so energized!