Sunday, May 24, 2009


We attended a Songwriters Evening at Balsam Mountain Inn last evening.  This historic inn, outside of Waynesville, NC,  has been around for over 100 years and currently has 50 rooms/suites.  They proudly advertise having NO TV's, no alarm clocks, no internet......just peace and quiet.  

The public areas are vast.....this view is one of the dining rooms, located in a charming enclosed porch.

And this view is one of the numerous sitting areas sprinkled throughout the large historic hotel.

I'm not sure what this was used for originally since it's located in a hallway that leads to the dining areas.  It caught my eye.  Beadboard paneling was everywhere.....even on the ceilings.

Apparently several times a year the hotel hosts a Songwriters Evening dinner.  The three invited for this event all reside in the Nashville area and all seem to write and pitch songs to the big stars.  It was interesting hearing about how 'this ____  star' recorded their work, or 'this ____ star' has it on hold, or 'this ___ star' "ALMOST" recorded the piece.  

I noticed a striking similarity between creating fiber art and writing a song......inspiration is inspiration, good craftsmanship is good craftsmanship and most of all determination is required for both.   Their stories were as entertaining as their music which may or may not have been recorded by Alabama, Clint Black, Winonna, Chicago, and on and on.  

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