Monday, May 18, 2009


I'm a big Emilie Richards fan.  Her Shenandoah Album Novels are a must read for any quilter.
Check out the quilt studio section of her website.

Sister's Choice will be released in paperback next month.  Other series releases are:  A Lie for a Lie, Feb. 2009, and Happiness Key, July 2009.  

Thanks to Emilie's blog I learned about Good Reads......a free website for book lovers.  I'm an avid reader so I'll enjoy exploring all the book reviews.  There are way too many people using our local library which makes it difficult to get all the titles I'm interested in.   I'm currently reading 'Water For Elephant's', by Sara Gruen....(waiting over 6 weeks to get it!) 

So, lately I've been considering buying a Kindle....the new model makes it even more tempting. I'd love to hear comments from anyone who owns one.


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I have and love a Kindle Mary.
I like the smaller size of the original ones.
I can easily put it in my purse and it's there if I have waitig time to read.
My disappointment has been that there are books I'd love to read but aren't available for the Kindle.

Mary said...

I've just upgraded from the original Kindle to the Kindle2 and love them both. Like Kay, I like the small size of these versus the larger one they've just come out with because they are so easy to carry when I travel.

While not all of the books I want to read are on the Kindle I would say most of them are and they continue to add more all the time.

I've had one since Jan 2008 and the biggest disadvantage was that I couldn't share books with my Mom. I gave Mom the old Kindle and now she can share all the books I had on it as well as the new ones I add (both Kindles have to be registered to the same account to share).

Sally Morris said...

Love, love, love my Kindle2. It has be been fantastic on my trip from CA to NJ for the past two weeks. Great on the plane, easy to read in bed, super on a 12 hour boat ride to move my DD's new boat from Philadelpha to east central NJ, and during waits in the airports as well as Dr's offices. Type size is changable so I can read on a tredmill. Easy to read inside, outside, and in low light conditions. Size and capabilities are terrific. I let the voice take over one day while machine quilting. A must buy. Sally

Mary Stori said...

Thank you everyone for the inside info about the Kindle. According to their looks like I'm not in an area to be able to download...but since I travel a lot, I'm guessing that won't be too much of a problem. Nightly I read in bed, sometimes for a long time.....not having the hold a heavy book sounds good to me too.

Emilie Richards said...

Mary, thanks so much for telling your readers about Sister's Choice. FYI, I have a Sony eReader, and although I wasn't sure I'd like reading on a screen, it's terrific. And wonderful for somebody who travels as much as you do. Just imagine taking one small "book" with you and all those selections.