Friday, May 22, 2009


'The husband' is preparing for a motorcycle touring trip......better him than me!  He loves to ride and I won't even get on the thing.

This trip has led to reviewing the safety and comfort gear he wears when riding.  I'm relieved he researches to find the best products available, especially where his safety is concerned. 

Which is why you are seeing a photo of two pine cones!  A new fabric, or what they call "intelligent membrane" c_change has been developed by BMW Motorrad together with Swiss textile specialist Schoeller.

The pore size of this material adapts to the ambient temperature to control the breathing capability of the clothing as necessary.  The membrane is based on the bionic principle of fir cones....their scales fan out at high temperatures and close at low ones.  This means the riding suit will "breathe" in the summer and insulate on cold days.

We gasp at the prices our quilting fabrics have don't even want to know what a jacket of this material costs.  I wonder if this is just a good PR scheme or if it works? According to 'the husband' (who clearly wants one) .....there are many positive testimonials online about this product online already.....interesting.

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The Idaho Beauty said...

I was equally skeptical of Gortex when it first arrived on the market. No way, I thought...