Saturday, May 30, 2009


This weekend the annual Shady Ladies Quilt Show, held at Lake Logan Retreat Center in Canton, NC.  This small local show is top notch!  For more info click here.

At each annual show, they unveil a new group of fabulous challenge quilts.  This year the challenge was EARTH AND SKY.....the rules were simple:
*  The piece must measure 12-15 inches wide
*  It must be 36-40 inches long
*  It must contain some 'earth & sky"
*  Pieces were not to be bordered
Enjoy their creations.....

Just Passin' Thru by Terry Williams

Terry achieved great background sky texture and color by using what looked hand dyed cheesecloth, layered over some sort of background.  Brilliant idea.

Red Sky Morning by Chris Regina
The innovative background patchwork made this quilt a winner in my view.  It was inspired by a stain glass window in a Jane Sassaman workshop.

Foxglove by Michelle Blatt
Michelle comments that here in NC we see a lot more green than her sky is only a tiny section.  Inspired by her husband's garden and a Jane Sassaman workshop.

Texas Twilight by Evelyn Case
This member spends part of her year in Texas where due to flatter land, the sun drops rapidly out of sight, providing spectacular twilight or afterglow. 

More photos will be posted tomorrow.....

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Susan Loftin said...

They are all beautiful. Thanks for sharing.