Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Spring  has been very slow coming this year but fortunately, we've finally been getting much needed rain.

We've already made 3 trips to garden centers....filling our trunk each time.  We seem to lose A LOT of plants & bushes here......maybe because in addition to our 2 year drought, the last two winters have been harsh, with ice/snow appearing just as the plants were budding about a month ago. 

For years we've collected antique crocks.....many have now become outdoor planters.

The new colorful flowers placed near the humming bird feeder has caused numerous 'birdie' squabbles!

Our property is quite large, about 2 1/2 acres.....therefore we are attacking areas in phases to keep the cost spread.  The selection of various grasses are so we've planted a variegated species and two with darker leaves.

Like I said....we have a lot of property/bedding areas  to fill......although you can't see both....we just added two more yellow/green variegated bushes.  Now that we have our base plants in....we are trying to add color.

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