Monday, May 5, 2008


It was a gorgeous day yesterday, and since most of my packing was already completed....'the husband' suggested we spend part of our day hiking.  We headed over to Mt. Pisgah, which is a short 30 mins. drive.  This mountain is something over 5,500 ft. elevation and a favorite hiking area for locals and visitors alike.

I said, hiking, not strolling.  I'm not kidding....this was our path!  (about half-way up to the top) Not all the walking was quite as challenging, but it was not a groomed gravel path either.  We began feeling our ages as we met other hikers, none were using walking sticks, except us. Seriously, the footing was not easy and frankly, I much prefer to feel steady on my feet when navigating on this type of terrain, so it's okay that I looked like a doddering senior!

After about an hour, we reached the top.  The photo looks mistier than it actually was, an awesome view for sure!

I was shooting my camera straight on.....we were even with the cloud cover across the way, or so it appeared to us.

Even way up here, wildflowers abound everywhere.  We are determined to do more exploring on the hundreds of trails nearby.

I'm actually posting this as I sit in the Charlotte airport.....awaiting my 2nd flight of the day to Chicago, where I'll have a 4 hr. layover before flying to SFO, and will have a 2 hr. layover there before I finally head to Redding, CA......  So far, the day has gone well....