Monday, May 19, 2008


After a struggle, I finally completed my beaded fern project.  I've been neglecting my commitment to the AAQI so this little guy will be donated to this worthy cause.  To learn more visit Priority: Alzheimer's Quilts

The beading was a bit time consuming, but the final construction proved to be another challenge.  I decided to keep it small, and add background texture.  After trying everything from machine stitching various designs & hand embroidered tendrils, I finally resorted to using french knots.  I experimented using several different colors and though higher contrast colors seemed like the right decision while doing samples, they began to look like chicken pox, so I matched the embroidery floss to the lighter green felted wool.  

Thank goodness I used National Nonwovens 100% felted really held up to all my unsewing!

One important aspect of this type of construction is the need to use a backing to hide and protect all the beading stitches.  This piece seemed to need a border as well, so I bead appliqued the design to the darker green backing, cut larger than the finished size.  After all the beadwork was completed, the backing was trimmed to size, using a wave rotary cutting blade.

If I learn when this piece will be auctioned, I'll report back in case anyone here is interested. Hopefully it will find a new home, enabling AAQI to provide more funds for research into Alzheimer's Disease.