Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Yesterday the Asheville Quilt Guild's meeting featured a lecture by Mary Ellen Kranz, a fellow instructor who creates the most wonderful compositions, blending printed images taken with a digital camera and off the bolt fabrics.

Afterwards, our small fiber art group took a side trip to the Black Mountain Arts Center to view the LINT 'transparency' exhibit.  Two of our members also belong to this very talented group of 12 women.  Their pieces personally blew me away! 

Made by Bernie Rowell

Detail - this piece has been created from mostly sheer fabrics....stitched & painted.  It was backed with what looked like heavy stabilizer (almost cardboard like).....and what appears to be beads in this detail, are actually holes punched through the layers.  Stunning!!

This is one of 4 almost identical pieces that artist Vicki Essig created.  A very finely woven fabric featuring a tiny found object (this one is a shell) are mounted behind glass with a mat, but no backing.  The shadow in this photo is due to my camera flash; in person one sees the wall.  I've never seen anything  like this.....again stunning.

Norma Bradley's piece has been created with many layers of various sheers and metallics, machine stitched.  Her title was God's Little Acres....perfect.

Judy Simmons created this wall piece, mounted on a wooden hanging rack made by her woodworker husband.

In this detail you can see that there are rows of leaves suspended from the top of the piece on fishing line which allows them to move freely in front of a sheer background that had been printed with leaf shapes.  The leaves were photo transferred onto add color and texture, the edges were burned, which also prevents fraying. 

Made by Jen Swearington.  The sails, boat, and some of the waves are made from Xray film that had been painted then carefully cut and stitched onto her background, which I assume she also hand painted or dyed.

There were many more quilts to view.....sadly my camera battery didn't last long enough for you to savor more.  This community has the most wonderful, creative artists......inspiration is everywhere!