Sunday, May 11, 2008


What a bonus....this teaching trip I was able to add an extra day to my travels and visit with my brother and his family in Eugene, OR.  Although I couldn't spend this Mother's Day with "the perfect" child, it was great spending the day with my niece and nephew, who both came from their college lifestyles to join us for the afternoon/dinner.

My brother Richard is a fabulous gardener.......Barb, you plant a mean germanium!

After 23 years in their home, they've decided to redecorate and asked for my opinion....yeah.....we spend hours looking at paint chips, crown moulding, new lighting fixtures, drapery hardware, all on their dime so I could spend as much as I wanted.   My sister (in-law) Barbara has kept me laughing all day.....she was SURE the color I suggested for their "updated" walls was way too dark.  When we got back to their house and taped the sample to the wall, it was nearly the color they already had. (The white is the color for the crown moulding.)   It's interesting how my quiltmaking has helped me to develop a better confidence with colors....specifically the value of the color.  It's now after 9:00 PM....we need to get to bed since I have to get up at 4:00 AM for my flights home....she's still trying to change her mind, after taping about 20 samples to the wall.

Of course, all this nervous energy needed to be burned off.  So we headed to the tennis courts.  Since I didn't have the proper gear....they set up a referee chair for me, plus a blanket in case I got cold.
My baby brother, his beautiful daughter Amy, and her boyfriend.....  sorry Barbara and Brian.....the speed of your return serves were blurred on my photo....that's why you won!