Thursday, May 8, 2008


Dotti Hart was my generous and very thoughtful hostess during my visit to the Redding, CA quilt guild.  It's rare to have time to site see during my trips, but luckily we were able to spend several lovely hours at Turtle Bay Exploration Center nearby.

The scenery was beautiful as depicted by this view of the Sacramento River with Mt Shasta in the background.

One of the displays was the work of Patrick Dougherty who makes art with sticks and twigs, turning them into interesting shelters.

The mosaic bench and various art pieces, made by local artists were also fascinating.

The Sundial bridge is a glass bottom walking bridge that connects Turtle Bay to the arbortiem

A butterfly tent was a hit with the school kids visiting the park......this was a very educational exhibit.

Although I was a bit concerned about walking into the aviary, for free I'd be wearing spots when Ieft....however, I did zip in for a minute to take a photo.

Loved the display of recycled trash gathered by nearby streams that have been turned into fantastic and creative art!

I'm now in Grants Pass, OR......the drive from Redding was breathtaking......class all day today, but will try to get some good shots of this awesome scenery.