Friday, May 9, 2008


Wednesday night, I was handed off to the Mt. Stars Quilt Guild.  Had a fun dinner at the Billy Goat restaurant with the program chairs of both groups in Mt. Shasta.  Be sure to stop there if you are ever in the area!!  The drive between Redding, CA and Grants Pass, OR was stunning. Sadly, my camera was not handy....and I've been too busy teaching to document the views.

Dinner last night was at 'Nancy's',  a small local country restaurant which features organic produce grown on site.  The gardens were so beautiful.

Flowering trees enhanced the scenery along this herb garden path.

My host Karen (who is an exceptional ambassador for her guild and area).....tells me the owner of this eatery is typical of many folks in the area.  Creative and very independent.....X hippies. As we walked the grounds......I couldn't help but smile when I saw this old 'hippie' van parked in a field.  Must have been a free-spirit with's a Mercedes,  not the expected VW van!

I'll be teaching my embellished felted wool workshop today and expect to share some new creations with you all soon.