Monday, May 18, 2015


Even though we are trying to 'purge' all unnecessary 'stuff'.......thanks to my pal Georgia Bonesteel I inherited a nifty antique drying rack.
Georgia actually had it packed up ready to transport to Goodwill when she happened to mention this handy item.  PERFECT for my use....a portable and rather small rack.  It needed a bit of repair - 'the handy husband' took care of that. I scrubbed years of grime away and sealed the wood with varnish.
Next week the Fiber Junkies will be I'm preparing a cut up old white on white tablecloth (that I no longer use) with soda ash.  I'm a happy camper!!  Thank you Georgia!


Robbie said...

What a "gift"!!!! Just got home from four days with grandkids (teens!)...I'm pooped....have fun with friends and your latest find!

Julie Bagamary said...