Saturday, May 23, 2015


Though (as I've said numerous times) North Carolina will never be 'home' to me........perhaps I'm becoming more local than I think.  Why??  Because the fabulous scenery and recreation options have too long been ignored.  A concerted effort is being made to begin appreciating all that this area has to other words, becoming a 'tourist' again. 
 There are zillions of places to hike.....though unfortunately the percentage that allow dogs is surprisingly small.
Waterfalls are prevalent here in Western North Carolina....and never fail to dazzle!!

This long holiday weekend may be your excuse to get out and explore your local attractions that perhaps you've been ignoring!!

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Robbie said...

Your area is beautiful and it's great that you're exploring!!! There are some beautiful areas in Ocala as well but they too don't allow dogs! Hmmmmm Where's the fun in that! HA