Monday, May 11, 2015


We all know the internet has the ability to be educational as well as intrusive.  With only one click we can inherit large sums of money (grinning), and become acquainted with people whose paths would never have crossed ours outside of cyberspace.  

I had one of these connections awhile back when I received an email inquiry from Drue Cochran asking where she could obtain a pattern for my "Little Red Schoolhouse" quilt seen somewhere online. Regular readers here know that though I once enjoyed patchwork, now I'm much more interested in spending time with other techniques in the pursuit of creating art quilts.  So this was a very flattering request!

I've never published my own patterns outside of books, so Drue's inquiry led me to scour the publication pages of my resume to help guide her because I knew it had been published by other sources. To my shock this quilt has had quite a history:

Rodale Quilt Books, May 2004.  “Little Red Schoolhouses” - quilt selected as one of the most memorable quilts from the 10 volume “Classic American Quilt Collection” series. - pages 130-136

Classic American Quilt Collection:  Schoolhouse -  publisher Rodale Press -1995  - pg. 40-47, 104-105

Gardner Museum of Architecture and Design Show Catalog (front cover) Sept. 1995 -  quilt -  “Little Red Schoolhouse”

Little Red Schoolhouse  by Mary Stori 1990
**Though it's not very visible in this poor quality photo, the quilt has been hand quilted, featuring alphabet and numbers in the border.
How very nice it was to hear back from Drue with photos and an explanation of her rendition.  With her permission, I'm sharing it below because it's such a good example of kindness (her gift to a friend as well as sharing it with me).  Having been a quilt instructor for so long generates a surprising number of inquiries. The quilt world has treated me very fortunate that I can continue sharing.  What a treat to see this updated version of my quilt!!


Hi Mary,

Finished the "Little Red Schoolhouse " quilt and delivered it to my friend on Friday.  I took some pictures and am sending you a few.  Hope you enjoy.  I really enjoyed making it, it was a lot of fun .

I quilted it using my embroidery machine and the block letters and numbers, A,B,C and 1, 2, 3 on the borders and in the sashings.  Needless to say, my friend (picture #3) was ecstatic and almost in tears. 

She had wanted me to make one of the roof tops from a piece of fabric that was red with bluebonnets, but when I auditioned it with the other fabrics, it didn't look right to me, so I contacted her about using it in the 9 patches instead, which would allow it to be worked in all over the quilt rather than in one spot.  She decided she'd leave that decision to me and the result was much more attractive. 

I have had many, many compliments on the quilt and the pattern, which of course I have explained that the pattern is yours and from the book your pattern is in. 

Thank you so much in helping me locate your pattern.



Sherrie Spangler said...

What a wonderful story -- and a beautiful quilt.

Drue Cochran said...

WOW, Mary, thanks so much.

Robbie said...

This was such a compliment (again!) to you Mary! Drue did a wonderful job and the alphabets embroidered are perfect. Like they can find anything on the internet!!! So glad you found the info you did.