Tuesday, May 5, 2015


One can get a bit complacent about ones' surroundings......despite good intentions, after living here for a few years, goals to get out and enjoy this beautiful part of the country have gone by the way side.  Now that I  am no longer flying off here and there to share my techniques with other quilters, hopefully more time will be devoted to hiking.

And so it begins........

At an elevation of 4,629 feet, Max Patch boasts a 360-degree view of the Appalachian Mountains including the Blue Ridge and the Smokies. The Appalachian Trail crosses the top of the grassy bald. Wildflowers bloom there in the spring and fantastic leaf color can be seen in the fall. 

A short hike from the parking lot to the top unveils this view.
The white blaze posts of the  Appalachian Trail mark the trail that crosses the Max Patch trail.
The Max Patch Trail extends 2.4 miles.....and allows for fairly easy walking.

Spring is just arriving here.....and we are now being greeted by beautiful wild flowers.
We hiked early in the day to beat the crowds.  On the way home, we stopped for brunch at one of the very few restaurants in the area.  A charming place, friendly staff but inedible food....really it was....sorry to say.
Though it's certainly an all-purpose country store!

This part of highway 209 is now nicknamed "The Rattler"  which seems to be the new favorite for bikers.  Another area popular switch back road called "Tail of The Dragon" as become a bit too popular so with increasing accidents due to over-confidence and over-crowding, The Rattler is now seeing more traffic.  

Western North Carolina is a popular tourist destination.....which is so important to the local economy which has had a severe decline in blue collar jobs.  The scenery alone is worth the trip.


Kathy said...

You live in a beautiful area of the country. I'd be right there with you but we couldn't be that far away from our grandson. Enjoy every day now that you can be there all the time!

Nancy said...

I love a good mountain-top view! Can almost smell the freshness of the air. Keep hiking when you can- we noticed recently when in AZ that our calves were crying out due to the hills. No hills to hike in FL, so it was a challenge. You won't have that issue with the mountains surrounding you.

Robbie said...

Well, dang, on the restaurant! After all, we need some enticement to hike! HA...actually, I love to walk and hike..can't get hubby to walk with me. Your area is quite beautiful...