Wednesday, May 13, 2015


As along as we've been chatting about's my kinda patchwork these days.......let the fabric do the talking!!  Which is my excuse for being so impatient stitching blocks!

Excuse the design wall is a office divider which leans against the wall......therefore it's impossible to take a photo without getting distortion.  It is straight....but doesn't appear so here.

The quilting will be done on my home sewing machine....another activity I don't especially enjoy. So it will be straight lines which obviously won't change the look too much.....making this is the last peek of the lap quilt I'll be posting.  

 Sun Dabbled Forest - 53" x 60"
Commerical batik fabric

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Robbie said...

Colors are great...I'm lovin patchwork lately...but for hand know Dover has some great books for straight designs that can be done as quilting patterns and on domestic machine...just a thought!