Tuesday, May 19, 2015


I've already rambled on about how much I miss the in-person connection with students......I'll try to stop whinning about that...the decision not to travel teach anymore was valid for so many reasons......  However, I now realize I'm not living in a vacuum afterall.

Today a smile developed as I read Crafty Quilting with Pamela's blog.  I had been contacted by this New South Wales, Australia artist, inquirying about specifics of the resist dye felted wool pieces I've created.  The real expert is Chad Hagan, and I passed along her contact info.... and also shared some tips that I found helpful.

As they say....a picture is worth 100 words.....I'd say she's suceeded!!

Here are two of my pieces which have been embellished, finished with a backing and hanging device.
 Shooting Stars & Space Blossoms -  6" x 8"
Sunshine & Shadows - 8" - 5"
Available here (about 1/4 way down the page)


Robbie said...

I envy your visions you have for the felt pieces and even more so for your end results!! Cool!
Pamela's piece turned out quite well also!

PAMELA said...

Wow, Mary these are delicious. I love your use of colour and contrast, and detail created with your beads.
And...what a surprise to see my yellow/white piece, thank you for the feeling of delight.
Keep having fun .... hope to see more of your felt pieces as time goes by.

margaret said...

the embellishments look great on your felt, I am lazy I have an embellishing machine but unlike you make my fabric then fail to do anything with it!