Sunday, July 13, 2014

USING UP THAT DYED/PRINTED FABRIC....CONTINUED as I was saying in my last post......I'm determined to use some of the fabrics I toiled over for so long!  Normally, I prefer sharing these process shots in a post featuring the finished quilt....but this one isn't coming together very quickly. So for lack of anything else to's what has happened since we chatted last.
 The background has been cobbled together and machine quilted.....of course you can't 'see' the quilting against the fabric's textures. Actually...the sun is fairly visible because I used yellow rayon thread, but the rays (not wanting to overpower the smallish piece) were stitched with green cotton thread.
 Okay, it took me another hour or so to quilt it again using the yellow thread!  Now I'm struggling to stretch out the pitiful amount of yellow/orange fabric I dyed/stenciled. This rick rack design was such a tiny piece...and nothing else wants to play well with it.  But, I'm LOVIN' the tree trunks!
After far more time than I care to admit......a design is finally coming together....naturally, already there are thoughts about where to put some beading......NOT every piece calls for beads, even though I wish they did!  Let's see what happens now.


Terri said...

I'm thinking one bead on each tree top, and one tree outlandishly beaded. Like people, some go overboard.

margaret said...

such a creative mind you have and this is working so well

Kathy said...

No, I actually think every piece IS calling for beads! Just can't have too many beads!

JennyPennyPoppy said...

It's really nice to see what you're doing with some of your dyed fabric. Looks like a very creative and neat piece.