Wednesday, July 23, 2014


There's so little forward progress, it's almost not worth sharing.....but since that's all I've got going to blog goes.
 Using some hand-dyed Perle cotton, the background was seed stitched just to provide some extra texture.....which I think will be needed since the metal motif has such a hard appearance.
As I mentioned, the finished embellished wool piece will be mounted on a wood frame.  The process is the same as when using a canvas wrapped frame. However, the advantage to this product, especially working with wool, is that cleaner corner folds are easier to achieve.
I'll attach the metal piece last....but I needed to have its shape and location in order to be accurate with my planned beading placement. Tracing around the metal to make a paper template was an easy solution.

This isn't much to show.....and it's not because I haven't been working......beads have been added and removed numerous times as my mental design 'plan' wasn't pleasing.  I'll stick with it and keep you posted.

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