Monday, July 28, 2014


Thank you dear readers for the many nice comments....both on the blog and directly emailed to me.  Patchwork isn't a task I enjoy all that much anymore so it's gratifying to hear I'm on the right track with this project.
 Really though...the fabrics are so lovely, all I did was allow them to speak for themselves.  As I mentioned, my idea was to set them side by side with a large outer border as a frame. Perhaps that still would be a good option....but instead, after auditioning many sashing fabrics, black was selected.  The corner stones seemed to help avoid it from being too harsh.  

At any's finished....the backing is pieced.  The straight line machine quilting won't show too much so this will be the last photo posted.  After it's completed I'll be tackling gift #2 from this stash. I'm searching for a different pattern idea.  About 90-95% of the fabrics are more like panels.....there's very few all over prints to work with.....a challenge for sure.
46.5" x 66"


margaret said...

the sashing has worked beautifully and you even put corner stones in, I have not tried those yet. The fabrics look wonderful you must be delighted with this piece.

Robbie said...

Lovely...just lovely!!!!!!