Wednesday, July 16, 2014


So...among the many reasons we go to our monthly quilt guild meetings is for the lunch we have afterwards.  We have a new favorite restaurant.....  I blogged about it once before.....but I'm so enamored with the decor (food is great too) that I wanted to share these clever ideas.

 Everywhere one looks....interesting displays can be found.
Detail of spoon and fork sculpture.
 Charming light fixture.
 Full size bed springs can be found on walls, ceiling and smaller units tucked here and there.  Here's another jug light fixture.....I just love this....
 Numerous areas feature chunky steel rods, decorated with colorful bottles.
 Oh ya....and then there's the food.  Greek salad and a piece of delicious Greek pizza......yummmmm.
Janice's meal was almost as big as she is......she stays so slim because she only ate the meatballs from this sandwich....and left the bread.....will power!!!

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Robbie said...

That's so funny about the 'lunch'...if for some reason we don't have our meeting (for example this month only 2 of us could attend), who ever can just meets for lunch! The restaurant is so unique! And your food looked wonderful! YUM!!