Thursday, July 17, 2014


Our Asheville Quilt Guild show will be held in a member I like to participate if I can.  Unfortunately, most of my work is not large enough, nor are they quilted through 3 layers as required.

My 2+ month long fit of organizing uncovered lots of goodies.  One is a hand appliqued and pieced holiday theme wall quilt top.  Very traditional and so unlike the style I work in lately. 
  As you may know...I whine when I get into a panic about not having any evening hand sewing to do.  So....I sandwiched the top and set about hand quilting it like mad.....I've kept this quiet since I didn't want the pressure of actually feeling as though I HAD to get it finished by the upcoming (very soon) deadline.
I may make it.....I have the outer borders to go....then of course the binding etc. and if I'm pleased I'll share it in the show. (Now I think I should add more background quilting in the applique area...sigh)  

 I love to hand quilt....though I admit I reserve it for only special projects these days.  It's impossible to sell a piece for a price that will compensate one for that much work.  Perhaps if it does end up hanging in the show, it may inspire others to take the time to do some hand quilting.


Nancy said...

I love hand quilting, too. Hope yours is completed for the show. Problem is I love every part of quiltmaking, and could never hand quilt all the projects. So, like you, I keep it for special ones. And I may have peaked... I'm rusty and my stitches are not as good as they once were.

Robbie said...

A lovely certainly will fit the criteria won't it! They are going to miss out on your other wonderful work!