Wednesday, July 2, 2014


This date always brings with it a lot of reflective memories, marking twelve years since we lost my twin sister to Leukemia.  I learned within days of her first child's birth that I was pregnant. It's shocking to realize that -  that daughter's daughter, has now graduation from high school.  Where did the time go? 

 Their family unit is small, with few members living close presenting my grand niece with a quilt to help celebrate her success and wrap her in love, seemed appropriate.
 Emily is an outdoor kinda gal....loves the woods, water, & camping.  A utilitarian lap quilt that can go from car to campground might be appreciated the with this simple piecing, perhaps she will enjoy the 'flavor' of "Tall Trees" -  48" x 63".
It's now pieced. The backing needs piecing, and obviously machine quilting will be the following step.  Depending upon how speedy this may be heading to Wisconsin before I document it further.  

Never the less.....I wanted to share it here. a quilter.....any and all occasions calls for a quilt, don't they? 

In memory of Nancy Theobald Willmas  1946-2002.  This was the last time our family was all together in my sister's hospital room in New Mexico.  Front - L to R - Nancy, Mom, Mary - Back, Richard - Chuck.  Sadly, now only two of us remain (Richard and Mary)....but all are remembered.

I don't normally get so personal, however this is my life....of which of course quilting is just a portion....


Robbie said...

A beautiful post, Mary...and a beautiful quilt in the making!!! Yours sister would be so happy!!

The Idaho Beauty said...

What a neat idea for a quilt design - tailored to the needs of the recipient. What a good picture for you to remember family no longer with you. Yes, every occasion demands a quilt - even if it's getting pretty far out on the family tree!

Windy Hill Happenings said...

Your new quilt in the making is wonderful and so always!