Monday, July 21, 2014


This is a bit off subject as it's not fiber related.....yet in a way it is.  Those of us who'd rather stitch 24-7....somewhere in the back of our minds realize all that sitting may not be good for our health!  

"The husband" took up daily walking about 14 years ago.....and after MUCH nagging....I began about 9 years ago.  Don't get me wrong....I still do not like it, but I do it.  Our mountain roads are we get a lot of cardiovascular activity since we make a 1,000 foot elevation change 4 times in our 70-85 minute walk.
 Summer is in full swing here and black berry bushes are taking over.  Actually, it's a bit worrisome since there's little if any traffic where we walk and parts are quite isolated.  So what?....... you might ask......Well.....because of the black bears who like these berries!
 This section is so rarely used that it's becoming overgrown....makes me wonder what's lurking on either side!
Our rescue black lab, like all labs is always hungry and will eat just about anything.  I've been giving her carrot slices as a treat, rather than dog biscuits....healthier and less calories.  Even dogs have to worry about calories! (or their owners do.)'s Sooty always trying to munch on the low hanging blackberries (or red...she doesn't care if they are ripe!) as we walk.  

Sometimes a walk is just the thing to give you time to reflect on your projects.......passive designing I call it.  


Nancy said...

I can feel the scratches now! It looks like a lovely walk, but good to be wary of the wildlife.

The Idaho Beauty said...

You're probably aware of how prolific blackberries are up and down the WA & OR coast. Your story about Sooty brought back a memory of our first Labrador when we lived in Westport WA down a short dead-end road lined thick with blackberries. How could I let all that free fruit go to waste so I spent a lot of time picking. It never occurred to me that the dog would make the connection that the berries might be good to eat. It cracked me up when I noticed her wading into the bushes to delicately pick off ripe berries. There were certainly plenty to share! Boy, did I track down a lot of recipes for using them up - you can only make so much jam and so many pies!

Robbie said...

I have to admit I love walking...Kalee and I walk twice a day...which is nice, as Mandy never liked to walk...:{
AT least you have a hubby to walk with as well as a dog...mine won't walk at all...except on the golf course! HA

margaret said...

you put me to shame climbing those hills! My exercise is walking from the swing machine to the iron, I put it the other side of the kitchen so I have to get up and down. I have a friend whose dog demanded a carrot every evening carrots were always top of the shopping list.