Sunday, July 27, 2014


I had a pause in my work this week with an eye issue....a bit scary but with the exception of some lingering vision problems...monitoring should keep things in check.

Additionally, the laser cut "lightning" piece I'd been blogging about is still in the works....actually the design is complete, but after 2 trips to Lowe's to match some new staples I purchased to a staple gun.....since apparently they don't make a small size anymore for my current staple gun...grrr....I'll be returning yet another one today. This shouldn't be so difficult!!!
 So, since I was avoiding close-up work, I dug out the 3 boxes of Asian fabrics my dear friend Helen shared with me.  Her fabric collection is HUGE.....all excellent quality. I feel so fortunate that she's sharing it with me.
 My goal is to make two lap quilts to be given as gifts to two very special ladies.  I'll admit that this style of fabric is VERY difficult for me to work with.  Yes....I love focusing on a theme or subject, however the prints are so busy, so multicolored and over-all large in scale.....all components that are foreign to me.
 Because piecing isn't really a task I usual I kept the blocks simple.
....fussy cutting and building one at a time.  My plan was to set them side by side but I'm already thinking this format doesn't do justice to the lovely prints.  More thought is required as I slowly build the blocks.......


Robbie said...

Looks really nice...sometimes it is relaxing to go back to our roots of patchwork! although your piece looks very modern!!

margaret said...

the blocks are lovely, maybe a plain sashing between each would work, if you use a dark fabric it will make the blocks pop. Just realised I am giving advice so must have learnt something these last 2 years since i started quilting.