Friday, May 9, 2014


Even though I'm still away (lovin' on the grandchild).....I thought I'd drop in to share a problem that may be one you have too. How to hang a quilt on a stairwell wall....   As quiltmakers we all know it's a good idea to rotate our displays.  It's especially important to rest them if they are hand quilted and to prevent potential fading.
With that said....this batik quilt, made from vintage batik fabric that my MIL collected during their many visits to Indonesia has been up for quite awhile.  Like many mountain homes, we have vaulted ceilings....23 ft. tall at the highest point.

We found it was easiest to secure a quilt in a wooden hanging device, which has eye hooks that slip into skinny " L " brackets on the wall.  The whole thing can be lifted off, placed on the floor or a bed to remove the current quilt by sliding it out of the track and replace with a new one, and then lift it back into place.  

Frankly, I don't have the courage to get on the ladder where one end sits on the stairs and the other is leaning against the slopping wooden ceiling...but 'the husband' does.
 There will come a time when we'll have to hire someone to do this task, but for now.....we can enjoy another quilt design.  Yes, I really did do a lot of patchwork years ago.  This was made in 1992, machine pieced and hand quilted...74" wide x 102" tall.
This photo may provide a better perspective....the antique Hoosier cabinet looks like a salesman sample!

If anyone has tricks to share that are helpful for hanging quilts in share!

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Anonymous said...

While searching Google for "how to hang a quilt in a stairway", I happened across this blog post. By she sheer number of posts (LOL) I see no solutions to this puzzle. Obviously, I have the same issue. The two ladder and a plank approach is all I can come up with thus far and it is not an appealing solution. I have rods to hang, but I don't have the puzzle solved as to how to secure the brackets that are needed and then on an occasional basis, revolving the quilts being hung.

Guess I'll keep hunting, but I have a feeling it's just a bummer of a situation with no comfortable solution.